partial inspections

Partial inspections are conducted for a variety of reasons and can be done on any part of a building that is of concern. Common inspections are roofing, crawl spaces, and ventilation or air quality. These types of inspections are usually at the request of a home owner who has a concern or is planning renovations. John has many years of building experience and has been a Red Seal Journeyman carpenter since 1981. He has taught carpentry and blueprint reading at college levels, has completed hundreds of renovation and new building projects, is well versed in the electrical, plumbing and mechanical trades and is an expert at finding and solving building problems. If we don’t know the answer we will find the answer! These types of inspections can save building owners hundreds of dollars by catching issues before they become larger or do extensive damage involving costly repairs. We offer unbiased assessments, we are not selling anything other than information and an honest opinion.

A partial inspection can be as simple as a quick visit to a property followed by a written report, usually with images; or a more extensive investigation possibly involving thermal imaging. We also conduct monitoring type inspections on construction projects such as roof replacement, or new house construction. This can fit in well with strata corporations who wish to monitor large repair projects such as roof replacement. This can involve daily visits to the project with recommendations and written reports.

Costs for partial inspections will vary depending on the amount of involvement and are quoted by the job. A basic one topic inspection on a average size home is $95.

A partial inspection can answer such questions as:


  • How old is my roof and when do I need to think about replacement?
  • What maintenance is needed ?
  • How is the ventilation working in my Attic? Crawlspace? Living Areas? Basement? How can I improve it?
  • Are there any moisture issues? What’s that black stuff on my bathroom ceiling?
  • Is the contractor I hired doing the job to industry standards; are there any issues being uncovered that were not anticipated by original assessment.
  • Why are my heating bills so high? Do I really need a new furnace? What are my best options?